Floor Coatings

Spice up your garage with a beautiful Epoxy Floor Coating. Or one of our  Concrete Stains to bring some life and color to your patio? Please contact us to learn more about the many types of floor coatings we offer at TEEL PAINTING, INC.

Concrete Polishing & Staining       Epoxy       Chemical Resistant
Decorative Quartz       Urethane       Line Striping

Before 1 [gal]
After 1 [gal]
Before 2 [gal]
After 2 [gal]
034 [gal]
Teel-slides(12-15)-15 thumbnail
Teel-slides(12-15)-7 thumbnail
Before 1 [gal] thumbnail
After 1 [gal] thumbnail
Before 2 [gal] thumbnail
After 2 [gal] thumbnail
034 [gal] thumbnail
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