Fire Restoration Services

fire restoration services

Fire Restoration Services from
San Diego Painting company, Teel Painting, Inc.

At Teel Painting, Inc. we are dedicated to the minor repair, cleaning and restoration of property damaged by fire, wind, water or other disasters.

Our Promise to You

We understand the devastating effects of a fire for you and your loved ones and take great care in quickly assessing the damage and offering options for cleaning, restoration and repairs. Our minor fire restoration services include determining the proper method for cleaning your property’s specific damage and exposure.  This includes the careful inspection of many different building materials that are affected by smoke and fire, pressure washing and the use of oil based primer coats.

Money Saving Precautions

It is also vital to protect areas that were not affected by soot and odor from the fire before the damage spreads to these areas. This will save you time and money in the long run.

Here’s How it Works

Our fire restoration services includes a full assessment of damage, cataloging what can be saved by cleaning and restoring and what should be replaced altogether. This is followed with a comprehensive clean up and removal of damaged property. Teel Painting, Inc is a full service painting and floor coating company that specializes in all types of paint coatings and finishes. We will completely restore your damaged property … and with a meticulous touch.

fire restoration services

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