Door and Window Finishing and Refinishing

Do the doors and windows in your home need refinishing? Door and window finishing and refinishing costs a fraction of the price of purchasing new ones.

It’s especially important that your front door is maintained properly to ensure it’s longevity. The purchase and installation of a new door is expensive. Let us help bring new life to the doors around your home with our quality products and expert workmanship.


J Ave Entry 2
Before Garage
After Garage
Gate Before
Gate After
After 1 [gal]
J Ave Entry 2 thumbnail
Before Garage thumbnail
After Garage thumbnail
Gate Before thumbnail
Gate After thumbnail
before-mac thumbnail
after-mac thumbnail
before-1 thumbnail
After 1 [gal] thumbnail
teel-slides-doors(1) thumbnail
teel-slides-doors(2) thumbnail
before-2 thumbnail
after-2 thumbnail
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door and window finishing and refinishing

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